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A place with history where you will feel at home.
Chateau Herálec.

Treat yourself to the luxury accommodation and comfort of a magnificent historic mansion. Become a guest of our romantic 5-star boutique hotel - with the standards and convenience of today and in the atmosphere of a hundreds of years old Chateau.

rooms & apartments

Spacious rooms

Wellness & spa

True relaxation for all your senses

Let your body and soul be pampered in the luxurious surroundings of our unique Spa by L'OCCITANE with natural beauty products to the highest quality.


Exceptional food & delicious drinks

A great 5-star boutique hotel undoubtedly includes a great restaurant and the culinary experiences it offers its guests.

Become a member of the Friends of Chateau Herálec Club

Book your room directly: via this website, by email or by phone.


From corporate events to family celebrations

Chateau Herálec is an ideal destination for all kinds of luxury events, private and corporate functions.

Our story

A place that breathes history

Welcome to the magical place of the Highlands region, where one of the most beautiful Czech chateaus and romantic historical buildings in Bohemia residies - the national cultural monument Chateau Herálec - opens its gates to you. Its red battlemented towers have been towering into the landscape for more than four centuries, today like an antique jewel made to serve its clients.

"Chateau Herálec has always been and will always be about the people. I know that we have managed to assemble a great team of people who don't just see service as a job, but as something they love. I firmly believe that their work impresses our guests every step of the way."

Stanislav Prokop
General Manager