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Chateau Herálec
***** Boutique Hotel & Spa by L’OCCITANE
Herálec 1, 582 55 Herálec


There are 2 Herálec in the region. Our "Chateau" Herálec is only 7km away from the D1 motorway (EXIT 90 Humpolec or EXIT 104 Větrný Jeníkov).

It is possible to access the Chateau Herálec area by helicopter, the conditions of landing at our heliport must be consulted with the reception in advance.

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Alexandra Kasperová ml.
Event & Sales Manager
+420 734 233 581

MSc. Karolína Kasperová
Marketing Manager
+421 910 507 900

Simona Kotlíková
Front Office Manager
+420 731 600 326

PhDr. Alexandra Kasperová, MBA
Owner of Chateau Herálec
+420 725 499 811

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